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Masterclass by GIANNI FRANCESETTI: Light from black holes. Gestalt Therapy with depressive experiences.

June 13: 14:30 till 19:00, June 14: 9:30 till 19:00, June 15: 9:30 till 13:00

Venue: Rustpunt - Burgstraat 46 - 9000 Ghent, Belgium

Price: € 574,75 (21% VAT included)

Depression is a very common suffering: according to the W.H.O., it’s the fourth most urgent global health problem and by 2020 it will have risen to the second place. Why is this suffering so spread and increasing so fast in our society?

Depressive experiences have a range of different manifestations that require different treatments and supports. Therapists have to know how to distinguish them and to be oriented in working with these sufferings: what risks, resources, tools, therapeutic position, kind of contact and relationship they have to be able to consider in order to work with this ‘contagious’ experience?

During the workshop we explore depressive experiences from a Gestalt therapy perspective.

We propose theoretical frames, practical experiences, supervision and work on personal depressive fields with the aim to present an overview on this suffering and its treatment.


  • History and complexity of the diagnosis
  • Epidemiology and social perspective
  • Phenomenology of depressions and their relational fields
  • Depressions’ Gestalten: Mourning and reactive depression, Melancholic depression, Depressive experiences in personality styles (narcissistic, borderline, dependent, hysterical, obsessive compulsive, schizoid)
  • Gestalt therapy perspective on depressive experiences: figure/background dynamic, intentionality, self-functions, creative adjustment, specific support
  • Psychotherapeutic and pharmacological approach


The workshop provides theoretical frames and practical skills that improve specific competences for psychotherapists working with this suffering. Specifically, the workshop’s goals are:

  • To have an overview of depressive experiences from a Gestalt Therapy perspective
  • To be more aware about personal experiences related to depression
  • To receive supervision on patients suffering from depression
  • To increase professional possibilities for working with this suffering

Lecture by GIANNI FRANCESETTI: The Field perspective in clinical practice, towards a theory of therapeutic phronesis.

JUNE 15, 2019 15:00 till 17:30  

Venue: Rustpunt - Burgstraat 46 - 9000 Ghent, Belgium

Price: € 71,39 (21% VAT included)

The field concept has been used in psychotherapy in a variety of ways by different authors, but also in a variety of ways by the same authors at different times.  Without clarifying the meaning of the term, the risk is to create a Babylonian confusion in which it is often unclear what we are talking about.  The aim of this seminar is not to propose a universal definition of the concept, but to offer, taking into consideration the complexity of the matter, a theoretical framework that is sufficiently clear and to illustrate its consequences for clinical practice.  The impact of a field perspective in psychopathology, diagnosis and psychotherapy can be revolutionary in its consequences on how the therapist approaches the session and conducts therapy. 

The field perspective that I propose does not offer a technique that can be reproduced as behaviour, but proposes an approach to therapy to help steer the therapeutic act as it emerges in the specific situation. In this sense, it is not tekhne (i.e., the repetition of specific behaviours to achieve a purpose), but rather phronesis : the capacity to steer a path given the potentiality and limitations of the present situation.  The phronesis of this field perspective supports an action which, although emerging anew in any given situation, unfolds along a line of approach that can be identified as specific and as such can be considered for the purposes of research, too. 

So the field perspective is not a theory of a technique, but a theory of phronesis. The view I present builds on the field concept in psychotherapy and seeks to develop the concept of the organism/environment field introduced by Perls, Hefferline & Goodman.

This perspective helps us to understand therapy work in a radically relational light.

Because this module is the closing piece of a serieus op 10 masterclasses (of which 9 in Dutch), this lecture is followed by a festive reception, all participants are welcome to join.

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