In-company training

IVC teams up with your organization in order to:

  • improve ethos, communication and collaboration
  • implement change processes effectively and step by step
  • improve expertise
  • boost motivation
  • find a dynamic balance between goals, procedures and processes

IVC uses training, consultancy and advice both for managers and for collaborators.

The result:

  • useful insights
  • changes grafted onto your situation which means you can get to work immediately
  • collaborators motivated to help achieving the goals

How we work

IVC supports people and organizations to self-actualize by developing talents and strengths and by learning to deal with limitations. The balance between achieving goals and individual self-actualization is central to this process. Our approach is based on experiential learning. We increase your insights and skills through practice and framed by a theoretical concept.

The process-oriented approach supports you in discovering what you need in order to advance step by step in your learning process. Together we observe your needs, request or problem and along the way you raise your awareness of:

  • your thoughts, feelings and actions
  • your resistances and fixed patterns
  • your motivation and drive
  • your strengths and weaknesses

For more information about the different types of in-company training, just call our office on (32) 56 21 10 26 or mail

An overview

  • Systemic career constellations
  • Group dynamics
  • Body-language
  • The value of resistance
  • Communication skills
  • Meeting skills training
  • Negotiation skills
  • Teambuilding
  • Situational leadership
  • Performance review meeting
  • Handling aggression
  • Communicating and positioning
  • Conflict management
  • Life chat counseling? How do you do that?