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Sand,Tray,Clay: Creative Tools for the Relational Therapist

Sand Tray & Clay – Creative Tools for the Relational Therapist

2-day Masterclass

There is a long tradition in Gestalt therapy for using creative materials experimentally with clients of all ages. I am particularly interested in how using a sand tray or working with clay evokes what is not yet known, but emergent in the present relational moment in therapy.

The handling and placing of objects, and the manipulation of material, brings new information into awareness, through touch. This then becomes available for exploration in the therapy process.

Day 1: Using the sand tray in therapy.

Presentation about the therapeutic use of the sand tray from the perspective of Gestalt therapy theory. Demonstration. Supervised experiential practice groups experimenting with sand trays.

Day 2: Clay as a therapeutic assistant.

Presentation on use of clay in therapy, comparing it to the sand tray and other materials. A particular focus on how Gestalt therapy theory supports this work. Demonstrations & hands-on group experiences on using clay in therapy.