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Nascholingstraject Module 11: Hope, Dread and Enduring Relational Themes

Understanding enduring relational themes supports therapists to discern the most clinically relevant forming figures. Hopes and fears, configured in enduring relational themes, comprise the background of our life choices, passions, ambitions, and relationships. They also shape the therapeutic relationship. They co-mingle in ever shifting foreground/background constellations. They are part of the ground of any forming figure.     

Personality style is the embodiment of our enduring relational themes. It is a collection of styles and modes of adjusting relatively creatively as we move along with the intentionality of contacting. Our style signals how best we can be by others. The expressions of our personality style are hints about our enduring relational themes.The structure and task of therapy provide a situation in which the enduring relational theme of everyday life can become more visible and more clearly evoked and therefore made available for exploration and experimentation. 

In this master class I will describe in detail what I mean by enduring relational themes, and how they might be worked with in therapy. We will also explore together some of our own enduring relational themes, and I will offer a chance for people to work with them in some demonstration work.