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Nascholingstraject Module 3: Trauma and it's re-appearance in the feeld between us

Different trauma treatment approaches are helpful for gaining control over distressing symptoms, while disruptions of Self continuity, ability for intra-psychic dialogue and relationship with others are often not sufficiently attended to.
Gestalt therapist addresses not only the symptoms, but rather the person with her/his uniquely experienced story and creative adaptation to traumatic experience, and strives to help her/him to recover contact ability. We have to be alert to the presence of the trauma in ‘here and now’ in co-created field between the client and the therapist, both as the risk of re-traumatisation and as the chance for exploration and change. This refers to the modifications in the contact ability and phenomenological variety with which they occur in the contact episode, as well as to the relationship with common issues of stability/instability, trust/mistrust and power/helplessness that occur in therapy with traumatized clients.

In this workshop some typical tasks in approaching trauma from Gestalt therapy perspective will be shared and discussed. Still, the main focus is going to be on working with relational aspects of trauma presence in ‘here and now’ of client-therapist co-created experience. The workshop will be delivered through experiential work, presentations, and the opportunity to exchange experiences from clinical practice.