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Nascholingstraject Module 4: Echo, Narcissus and the Lake:who is the client and who is the therapist

In Ovid’s ‘Metamorphoses’, the nymph Echo, cursed to only repeat the last words of others, was rejected by the handsome Narcissus, who was infatuated with his own image reflected on the waters of a lake. In Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Disciple’, after Narcissus died, the lake’s waters turned into salt tears. When the mountain nymphs came to comfort it, the lake revealed that it was not crying for the lost beauty of Narcissus, but because ‘as he lay on my banks and looked down at me, in the mirror of his eyes I saw ever my own beauty mirrored.’

In this masterclass we will explore the co-created narcissistic field from both perspectives (the one who mirrors/echoes and the one who is mirrored/echoed) and both roles (the client and the therapist). We will search for the ways we feed our clients’ narcissism and they feed ours. We will discuss about biological self-serving vs. empathetic traits, and we will share our experiences regarding how our clinical practice is affected by the cultural ‘narcissism epidemic’. Most importantly, we will be experimenting with, sharpening, and taking care of our most valuable and highly regarded therapy instrument: ourselves! To paraphrase Woody Allen, ‘Don’t knock narcissism; it’s looking after someone you love’.