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Nascholingstraject Module 5: Whirlpool and wave: field work with depressed and mourning clients

Psychotherapists are invited to get familiar with the current Gestalt therapy approach to psychopathology.
In this approach, therapists: (1) anchor themselves in the field theory framework; (2) use aesthetic sensing of concrete clinical situations for intrinsic diagnosis and therapy guidelines; (3) and develop competences for intervening by modifying their own way of being present with the client.

The seminar will focus on working in depressed and mourning situations, it will stress how psychotherapists can manage their own experience when working in such fields. The seminar will consist of lectures, experiential exercises and practical demonstrations. Participants will get familiar with guidelines for practical work with the different clients´ suffering, and they will get an opportunity to practice concrete clinical skills during the seminar.

Jan Roubal will speak from his clinical and training experience and he will ground the seminar on the theory summed up in the book Gestalt Therapy in Clinical Practice, From Psychopathology to the Aesthetics of Contact (Francesetti, Gecele, Roubal, eds.).