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Nascholing 9: thinking in threes: couples-dyadic work from a relational field theory perspective

This workshop will explore why we couple, and how we can work relationally and from a field perspective to support couples as they discover and create the possibilities of partnership. The couples game of hide-and-seek/create-and-destroy emerges between partners and it happens in contact with the therapist. We will discuss how both partners and therapist may modify contact in efforts to balance needs to be seen, heard, received, responded to, and kept safe.  

In the process, we will discover a couples therapist that might draw on relational embodiment to manage disowned or unmanageable aspects of couple functioning. Can s/he be curious about a couple’s investments in disowned longings and potentialities (including those that relate to the therapist) in ways that support the possibility of a more available reach or reachabilty? Can s/he reactivate responsibility for contact modifications that, in the service of protecting the self and the relationship from knowing and being known, too often inadvertently diminish a longed for experience of intimacy?

This workshop will be exploratory, didactic and experiential. Please be prepared to consider your own history of intimate relationship, as well as bring any cases you may want to discuss.