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Webinar: Trauma in the atmosphere-working with traumatised clients in Corona times

Therapy is a part of something broader than the dyad of the client and the therapist; we are together in the field which imposes limits, but also offers possibilities.

Safety, stability and predictability in the therapeutic setting are important preconditions in working with traumatised clients. And what happens when our field cannot support us in that way?

How do our clients perceive the current situation? How can we enable safety and stability when our ground is also shaking? How does the atmosphere feel? What kind of presence of the therapist is needed in the situation for emerging different meaning of the moment of impasse?

In this introductory session we are inviting you for exchange of our awareness in an ongoing process and exploration of what is helpful in the ‘here and now’ for ourselves and for our clients.

*The original masterclass is postponed till spring 2022